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On “LORIS BELLINI”, “GALVANINI” equipment and radio-frequency dryer “STALAM RF” can be dyed and dried all type of yarn on cones, hanks as all kinds of filament on the principle of staining in cones.

Devices capacities are 60, 80, 100, 120, 200, 250 and 500 kg.

Party of 100 and 200 kg are related to gassed mercerized yarn.

The production is specifically designed for 100% cotton yarn, Nm 7 to 130, a mixture of cotton/acrylic blend, cotton/linen, cotton/kapok, cotton/viscose, cotton/polyamide and all kinds of acrylic/wool blends.

Dyeing capacity is  500 t annualy.

The process of preparation and nodeless rewinding after dyeing takes place at the machinery  of Swiss manufacturer “SSM-METTLER”.

By using the "reactive" highly stable colors we guarantee consistency and high quality of our yarns.